Tips for choosing a stroller

Tips for choosing a stroller

The arrival of a child is a long-awaited event for the whole family babyjourney. Not surprisingly, many people start preparing for it in advance. Mothers try to take into account all the nuances in order to provide the baby with maximum comfort from the first days of life, so the choice of a stroller becomes important. In this article, here are collected tips and tricks from experienced moms on how to choose the best stroller for your baby.


1. Classic, modular or transformer?

Every options has its own benefits and drawbacks. If it is been talked about the disadvantages of classic strollers and transformers – this is a lot of weight and lack of manoeuvrability. The rest of the disadvantages are minor and depend on the preferences of the parents. For example, in transformers, in a horizontal position, the surface of the cradle is not perfectly flat and is located at a slight slope. Unevenness problems can be solved quite simply – by placing a hard mattress.

Classic strollers will have the best shock absorption with the possibility of a child’s motion sickness and a spacious carrycot.

Strollers, which have the common name 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, differ significantly from transformers. This model can rather be attributed to a classic, since its frame does not fold, and the transition to the walking version occurs, as it is said above, by replacing the cradle with a walking seat. 

2. Light or heavy?

If you happens to be live on the ground floor or in a secluded house, this standard will not substance much to you. If your apartment is located in a high-rise building, then before finally making a choice, you should evaluate your own capabilities and answer a few questions.

Will the model of the stroller that you are interested in enter the elevator, can you independently lift the baby and the child to the floor? Are there always assistants ready to help you out?


3. Wheel size.

When choosing a stroller, imagine the roads you will have to drive. If the roads use to be cleaned poorly, potholes and bumps are there on them, then it will be correct choosing a stroller with reliable and large wheels, otherwise you risk getting stuck in snow or slush. You will have to drag the stroller with you, not roll it. Also, there is more shaking from small wheels.

4. Which wheels are best?

In decent weather, it happens to be much more suitable to ride a wheelchair armed with rubber wheels. The ride will be smoother, the stroller will move smoothly and the baby will not shake. The permeability of such wheels on mud or snow is higher. However, strollers with large rubber wheels are heavier than their plastic-wheeled counterparts.

5. Adjustable handle.

The designs of modern strollers are increasingly equipped with a handle on which an adjustment button is located. This is useful in cases when the stroller does not fit into the elevator, takes up a lot of space in the apartment, or its landing is too low. Some parents complain about the fragility of this device, if you often press the button, the structure will quickly break down and fail, but if you choose a stroller from a reliable and trusted manufacturer, the probability of such a breakdown is very small.